Spring 2017 Opening Request Form


If you would like Pools by Murphy to open your pool for the 2017 swimming season, please complete this form and submit via email, fax, or mail back to our office. We schedule our openings on a first come first serve basis. Opening service includes the following:


  • Remove and fold cover for your storage (If mesh type, please leave to air out for a few days)
  • Remove winter plugs and insert eyeball fittings
  • Assemble cartridges in filter
  • Inspect pump/filter/heater
  • Start circulation system
  • Add initial chemicals for start up
  • Light Vacuuming
  • Rinse light debris off deck


Total Cost: $425.00 (plus tax)

You can pre-pay by calling with your credit card, or mailing us a check in advance. (Mail checks to: 21 Ozick Drive, Durham CT 06422)

Please Remember To:

  • Allow Access to Pool and Equipment Areas
  • Leave out all the cartridges, skimmer baskets, eyeballs, valve handles, pool cover storage bag and anything else that was stored for the winter.
  • If you have a propane heater, make sure your propane tank is full. (Above 40%)
  • If desired, bring pool water level up half way on skimmer for start up. If not, we will start the system on the main drain and you can fill at your leisure.


* Non-Safety Cover (vinyl / tarp style) customers need to remove water off top of cover prior to our arrival.

* Excessive water & debris accumulation on vinyl style tarp covers will result in an additional two hour labor charge.

* Our service includes a light vacuuming of your pool. However, if your water is too cloudy or murky for proper vacuuming, we will instead apply additional chemicals to clear up the water. If you still wish for us to perform a light vacuuming of your pool, there will be an additional trip and an additional charge.

* If you schedule your pool opening for May 1 or later, you will need to add 4 gallons of liquid shock to your pool at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to our visit. Please keep that in mind when you place your order.

* Please be advised if no pre-payment is made and there is no check at the time of service, you will be charged $95.00 and the pool will not be opened.


To schedule your pool opening, please call our office at 800-851-6645.